Release Notes for 2.0

Omeka 2.0 is the second major release. It represents many fundamental changes and improvements to the core and development API

Core Changes

  • Fixed numerous issues
  • Shifted naming conventions for better comformity to upcoming Zend 2.0 standards
  • Removed Data Types from ElementTexts
  • Removed Entities to represent Users. All user information is now directly on User objects
  • Added Dublin Core information to Collections
  • Removed Orderable mixin
  • Added Searchable mixin
  • Ownable mixin now named Mixin_Owner
  • Taggable mixin now named Mixin_Tag
  • ActsAsElementText mixin now named Mixin_ElementText
  • PublicFeatures mixin now named Mixin_PublicFeatured
  • Omeka_Acl removed. User Zend_Acl instead
  • Derivative images now produced for many more file types
  • archive directory changed to files
  • archive/files directory changed to files/original
  • Phased loading is now removed in favor of loading resources when needed

API Changes

  • Removed many functions with overlapping or similar functionality details
  • Functions no long echo directly and instead return values
  • Form functions have been removed in favor of using Zend Form Helpers
  • Many new and renamed hooks and filters details
  • Arguments passed to all hooks consolidated into one $args array
  • beforeSaveForm() and afterSaveForm() callbacks removed from records
  • Omeka_Form_Admin class added to help build simple admin forms
  • Omeka_Plugin class renamed Omeka_Plugin_AbstractPlugin
  • Controllers should now extend Omeka_Controller_AbstractActionController
  • Models should now extend Omeka_Record_AbstractRecord
  • Db wrappers removed :getDb, getTable, and findById are replaced by equivalent calls to _helper->db->{methodName}.
  • Omeka_Context removed in favor of using Zend_Registry
  • Plugins can now add their content to search with Mixin_Search

Additional details can be found in the codex and in the new documentation