Release Notes for 1.4.2

Omeka 1.4.2 is the second maintenance release for the 1.4 series.

It was released on October 26, 2011.



  • Deleting an item with missing or corrupt files causes an error (#83).
  • Some failed uploads leave behind empty File records (#88).
  • Thumbnails can't be created for images with multiple pages or frames (#98).
  • Bad formatting on invalid file messages from plugins (#106).
  • Files added by some plugins can ignore the validators (#111).
  • Files uploaded by URL fail the extension check if they have a query string (#120).
  • Some Amazon S3 files can't be uploaded (#121).


  • The link_to helpers keep the current page's parameters. (#96).


  • The installer doesn't work when using a non-standard port (#78).