Plugins/UserProfile 2.0

About User Profiles

User Profiles is designed to address many different situations in which gathering and/or displaying information about users is helpful. In many cases, these situations involve a combination of User Profiles with other plugins. Example use cases might be:

  • Create structured, consistent information about the creators of the site.
  • Give credit to researchers by having them create profiles that are automatically linked to from the items they add.
  • If commenting is used for discussion, create profiles for the moderators.
  • If the Guest User plugin is installed and active, guest users who comment could also create profiles.

There is a screencast for this plugin.

Install and Configure

User Profiles depends on the additional functionality provided by the Record Relations plugin. You will need to install Record Relations before installing User Profiles.

After you install the plugin, you will need to configure it. Initially, you will need to select whether you want Omeka to place a link from items in your archive to the person who added them.


Then, under the User Profiles tab on the left of your screen, you may further configure your plugin.


The plugin will ask you to add a profile type. Fill in the name of the profile you wish to create and a short description of it. Make sure to select whether the profile will be public and required.

If the profile is not made public, it will only be visible to users with the role super, admin, or researcher. This allows you to confidentially gather information for research. For public profiles, users may also set their own profiles to be private.

If the profile is made required, users will be notified that they need to fill out their profile when they log in.


You may edit a profile at any time by clicking the edit link on the Profiles Browse page. That opens an edit page where you can reconfigure your user profile prompts.


Public User Profiles

Non-admin Omeka users (i.e., Guest Users) who have profiles may view or edit their profiles by signing in. After sign in, you may click the My Profiles link, where you may edit or delete your own profiles.