Plugins/SimplePages 2.0

About Simple Pages

The Simple Pages plugin allows you to easily create web pages for your public site using a simple web form. It requires no programming knowledge, and optionally allows users to add HTML markup, or even PHP code.

On the Simple Page | Browse page, you can view, edit, and manage all of the pages you create.

If you are using, see instructions in the Help section of

Configure Pages

Simple Pages.png

  • Find the Simple Pages tab in the left side menu under "Dashboard."
  • To start building a webpage, click Add a Page.
  • Titling the page is required, and add a unique URL slug for the page if you wish. For example, “about” is the slug in the following URL:
  • Add any text you want to appear on the page in the designated text box below. If you want to format the text, you may use simple HTML markup.
    • By checking the "Use HTML editor" button, you can add simple mark up to your text, including links, and you can embed multimedia web objects. Read more about Using_HTML_Editor-TinyMCE.
    • If you wish to include PHP in your Simple Pages, do not use the HTML editor for this page.
  • To create a hierarchy of pages, or nested page, you may choose which page acts as the “Parent.” If you choose not to nest pages and want them linked on the homepage, choose Main Page (No Parent) option.
  • You may also choose to link to this page to the primary, or main site, navigation that appears on every page in the website.
  • To order the pages on the website's navigation, see Managing_Navigation_2.0.
  • Click the green "Save Changes" button to save your page. Once you are ready to publish the page, click the Public box found under the Save Changes button.

Viewing Pages

To view the public page, you may click "View Public Page" the Edit page or by clicking the page's title from Simple Pages Browse page. To see relationships of the pages, click on Hierarchy View available on the Simple Pages Browse.

Advanced Users

For advanced users, Simple Pages can accept nested slugs and PHP code.