Image Resize plugins allows users to re-size image derivatives from within the admin interface (for public and admin side displays of thumbnails, square thumbnails, and full size images) without editing theme files. We highly recommended that you backup the archive directory before resizing images.

Version Requirements

1.5 and above


  1. Upload and install the Image Resize plugin (see Installing_a_Plugin)
  2. Once activated, the plugin automatically creates a tab in the Admin navigation called Image Resize.

Resizing Images

  • Go to the Image Resize page (admin/image-resize), where you will find the a table listing the current image size constraints.
  • To change image sizes, enter in a new size contraint (in pixels), and check the box in the "Select to Resize" column.
  • When you have determined the new images sizes, click the "Resize Selected Images" button in the bottom right of the table.
    • Please note that this plugin will override any settings you set in the admin/settings section when you first set up your Omeka site.
  • The process will begin, and will be tracked below. Refresh the page to check on the progress. Resizing may take awhile, because the process runs through your entire archive.
  • Once completed, you will changes will be implemented across your archive.