Managing Users

Manage users by clicking on the Settings button in the right corner of your dashboard, or go to /admin/settings.

Users with the level "Super" may give other users access to your Omeka installation.

User Levels and Access

Different levels of users in Omeka have different levels of access in the administrative panel:

  • Super users can access all available pages in the admin.
  • Administrator users can access all pages in the admin except those under the "Setting" tab.
  • Contributor users can add items and edit items they have created. They may create exhibits using any item in the archive, and have permission to see any public exhibit from the administrative side.
  • Researcher users can see all of the Items, Collections, and Item Types pages--public or private, but cannot edit anything including Items, Collections, Item Types, or Exhibits.

Add/Edit a User

  1. Fill in the fields for the new user in the form at the bottom of the Users page. Assign a role to the user, and select "active" to make that user active on the system.
  2. The new user will receive an email at the address you provide with their username and a link that takes them to a form to create a password.
  3. To edit user information, including changing passwords, Super and Admin users may click on the "edit" button on the right side of the username.

Delete Users

Find the user you wish to delete from /admin/users/browse, and click the 'delete' button found to the right of the username. You will be asked to confirm the action before you permanently delete the user.