Managing Plugins

Plugins are tools to extend the basic functionality of Omeka. A list of plugins available for download is on the Plugins Add-Ons Directory, and instructions for using plugins available on the Plugins2.0 documentation page.

Manage Plugins from the Settings button in the right corner of your dashboard, /admin/settings. Activate and deactivate installed plugins from this panel.

  • Install – Runs the installer for the plugin and activates the plugin.
  • Uninstall – Runs the uninstaller for the plugin and deletes any information in your installation related to the plugin.
  • Activate – Activates plugin settings and allows you to configure a plugin when necessary.
  • Deactivate – Action merely "unplugs" the plugin but does not delete any data collected while plugin was active.

In some cases, plugins can delete data associated with the plugin from your database on uninstall. Check the plugin's documentation before uninstalling if you're unsure.

Installing a Plugin

To add and activate a new plugin for your Omeka installation, do the following steps:

  1. Download and unzip the plugin to your desktop.
  2. Upload the unzipped plugin's directory, using a FTP client, to your server, and place it in your Omeka website's "plugins" directory. Sometimes the unpacked plugin is inside a folder of the same name so make sure you are uploading the correct directory.
  3. Log in to the admin panel, navigation to Settings > Plugins, find the plugin you uploaded. The plugin will be activated. Next, click "Install" to finish the process.

Configuring a Plugin

Some plugins will require additional configuration before they can work with Omeka. If this is the case, a "Configure" link will appear beside the plugin in the admin panel. Click on that link to configure the plugin as needed.

Pre-packaged Plugins

The following plugins come prepackaged with Omeka since version 1.0:

  • Coins – Adds Coins metadata to items on the admin theme and in public themes.
  • ExhibitBuilder – Enables users to create exhibits with items in your Omeka archive.
  • SimplePages – Publish static pages on your public site.

All Plugins

Documentation for all Omeka plugins, available on the Plugins documentation page.