Managing Files

When adding items to your archive, often you will upload one or more files (images, documents, et al) associated with that item.

File Types

Omeka accepts most files and file types. If you are having difficulty or receiving MIME Type errors, please see more information about adjusting the MIME Types or Accepted File Extensions in Managing_Security_Settings.

File Display Order

The order in which you upload files determines the order they are displayed publicly. This means if you have multiple files associated with an item, the image that you want to use to represent that item should be added first.

Files with Thumbnails

Thumbnail previews are created only for image files in items/show and exhibit pages. If you want to include an item that is a PDF, you also want to upload a small image file first that can act as an illustration of that PDF to appear in the items/show and exhibit page.

File size limitations Please check with your server administrator, because these settings are server specific and not imposed by the Omeka system. These limitations vary from server to server and we cannot change this for you. If you have a problem uploading files, please first check with your hosting service or your local server administrator before contacting the Omeka team. Thanks!

Batch Add Files To upload more than one file at a time, install the Dropbox_plugin.

File Metadata You may also add full Dublin Core metadata for every file uploaded. In admin/items/show page, you will see a box titled, "View File Metadata". Click on a file and you will see whatever metadata is associated with that file. If you choose to add more information, click edit at the top of the page to open the metadata form.