1.x Documentation

The following documentation is for Omeka versions 1.0-1.5+. For versions 2.0 and higher, please see the main page.

If you do not know which version of Omeka you have, log in to the admin dashboard. It is located at located at '/admin' relative to the root of your installation (example.com/admin, if your installation is at example.com). There should be a message stating the version either on the right sidebar (versions 1.0-1.5) or in the lower right hand corner (versions 2.0+) of the dashboard.

Working with Omeka Admin

Omeka versions 1.0-1.5+

Designing and Developing with Omeka

Note: The documentation in this section is for Omeka 1.x. All of the design and developer documentation for version 2.0 and higher can be found on Omeka's Read the Docs site.

Getting Started for versions 1.0-1.5+



Recipes are extended examples that show how to use the tools in Omeka to accomplish specific goals.

Done something interesting with Omeka that you don't see here? Write a recipe and share your solution.