Omeka 2.1 Release Candidate, updated Berlin theme, and a RESTful API

The Omeka team is very happy to announce important releases: an overhauled version of the popular Berlin theme, and a release candidate of Omeka 2.1 The updated Berlin theme features much cleaner HTML5 code and separation of content and presentation, and improved styling for the Exhibit Builder plugin. Sites using Berlin should upgrade to this […]

Security and bugfix release for Omeka

Omeka’s next maintenance release is here, version 2.0.4! This version contains a fix to a security vulnerability, so we recommend that you update your sites to this version. It also contains several bugfixes and improvements to the admin interface, search results page, and more. Translations have also  been updated for the following locales: Catalan – […]

New and updated plugins for sharing and interacting

The hard-working Omeka team is happy to announce the release of some updated and brand new plugins! This round of releases emphasizes our commitment to the public part of public humanities. In different ways, they all help to make your collections more visible or reusable, and to make the public more engaged with them. This […]

More of Omeka in more languages!

Top translations: omeka » core The Omeka core has been localizable for some time, and the hard-working and dedicated volunteers at Transifex have made it possible for you to use Omeka in a number of languages. Now, as we are upgrading plugins and building new ones for Omeka 2.0, we’ll start to roll out localizations […]

It’s May, and We’re Hiring

Things are cooking right along here at Omeka, and as usual, we’re looking for more qualified hand to help us build. See the following developer add for details. We begin reviewing applications today, and will do so on a continuing basis. Junior PHP Developer — Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media (Contract, Fulltime, […]