Please test the next generation Exhibit Builder!

The Omeka team is preparing the next generation of the Exhibit Builder plugin, and we’d like to ask early adopters to help test a beta version. Exhibit Builder 3.0 is redesigned to allow much more flexibility in the layouts you can create. Rather than choosing a layout for the entire page, Exhibit Builder 3.0 breaks […]

Just in time for winter holidays: an Omeka update

The Omeka team is happy to release a maintenance update for Omeka! Version 2.1.3 addresses a problem when updating directly from pre-1.5 versions, cleans up some warnings and notices, and expands where translations are applied. Speaking of translations, our friends have updated the Finnish, French, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, and Serbian translations, and created new […]

Come and get some updates and bugfixes!

The Omeka team has been hard at work making more updates and fixes to the Omeka core and to several plugins. The Omeka core includes improvements related to the permissions for contributor roles, the display of tags, and the CSS styles for the admin pages. A difficult bug in the Navigation settings was also fixed, […]

Bugfix release: Omeka 2.1.1

Omeka community member Iwe Muiser found a bug in the upgrade process from Omeka 2.0 to Omeka 2.1. Many thanks! That bug is now fixed in Omeka 2.1.1 and is available for download. Omeka users should upgrade to the Omeka 2.1 series by moving directly to Omeka 2.1.1. Omeka 2.1.1 also includes minor improvements and […]

Omeka 2.1 — now with an API — is ready!

The Omeka team is very happy to announce the release of Omeka 2.1! This version moves Omeka much closer to our longstanding goal of interoperability with other systems by including an API (Application Programming Interface) for reading and writing information in your Omeka installation. Some online collections of cultural heritage material are available with APIs, […]

Back-to-School Edition, Use Omeka in Your Class

It’s that time of year when educators and instructors are planning like mad for the coming semester or quarter, so we are highlighting some resources to help you get started using Omeka in your class. You might be asking, well, how have others incorporated Omeka into assignments or final student projects? What were the learning […]

Two more updated plugins: OAI-PMH Harvester and OAI-PMH Repository

The Omeka team is happy to announce updates of the popular OAI-PMH Repository and OAI-PMH Harvester plugins for Omeka 2.0. The Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting allows for metadata about objects to be shared across repositories and applications. The harvester allows you to import items into your Omeka installation using the protocol. The […]

Omeka 2.1 Release Candidate, updated Berlin theme, and a RESTful API

The Omeka team is very happy to announce important releases: an overhauled version of the popular Berlin theme, and a release candidate of Omeka 2.1 The updated Berlin theme features much cleaner HTML5 code and separation of content and presentation, and improved styling for the Exhibit Builder plugin. Sites using Berlin should upgrade to this […]

Security and bugfix release for Omeka

Omeka’s next maintenance release is here, version 2.0.4! This version contains a fix to a security vulnerability, so we recommend that you update your sites to this version. It also contains several bugfixes and improvements to the admin interface, search results page, and more. Translations have also  been updated for the following locales: Catalan – […]

New and updated plugins for sharing and interacting

The hard-working Omeka team is happy to announce the release of some updated and brand new plugins! This round of releases emphasizes our commitment to the public part of public humanities. In different ways, they all help to make your collections more visible or reusable, and to make the public more engaged with them. This […]