Who are our Omeka developers?

In the past few years, we have been delighted to see more and more developers of both themes and plugins contacting us on our developer list and on the forums. That has made us curious about who all of you are, and what can we do better to help you. With that in mind, we’ve […]

Omeka Update: 2.4

We are pleased to announce the release of Omeka 2.4. Although most of the changes are behind the scenes, they contribute to a smoother operation overall. We have increased the required version of PHP, now at a minimum of 5.3.2. Be sure to check what version of PHP you are running before you upgrade to […]

Omeka Powered: Eric Nolan Gonzaba and Wearing Gay History

This marks the first in a series of posts where the creators of Omeka projects talk about their content and process, and why they chose Omeka. Eric Nolan Gonzaba (@EGonzaba) is a doctoral student in American history at George Mason University, and the creator of the site Wearing Gay History. His research interests revolve around […]

Get your Fresh Omeka S Alpha Here!

For some time now, the Omeka team, with funding from the Mellon Foundation, has been hard at work on the design and development of Omeka S, which is a new software package designed for medium and larger organizations. Since Omeka S development is ongoing, we’ve decided to make it easier for interested developers and testers […]

Accessibile Omeka

The Omeka team is committed to designing software accessible to all possible users. To demonstrate this commitment, the team has recently published an accessibility statement. Together with the statement, we completed and now provide a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) (pdf link) for the core Omeka software and its bundled plugins and themes. Some academic, cultural, […]

Omeka Update: 2.3.1

Today we released the first update for Omeka 2.3, with a bundle of bug fixes and very helpful additions. Tags which are not assigned to anything now show up in the list accessed from the Tags tab on the left hand navigation of the admin dashboard. You may be surprised at the number of unused […]

Omeka Curator Dashboard

Today we are featuring a guest post from an important member of the Omeka community, Jess Waggoner. After the creation of  the Grateful Dead Archive Online at UC-Santa Cruz, managed by Robin Chandler, the team saw several opportunities for new plugins to help manage launching such a large and involved site. Here, Jess writes about lessons […]

Consider Omeka for Your Common Heritage Project

Recently the National Endowment for the Humanities announced an unprecedented grant opportunity to fund family and local history. The Common Heritage grants call for widespread work to build community and capture history on the ground. The Omeka team shares these goals and is eager to support this work! Consider using the Omeka system as your […]

Omeka 2.3 Release

Omeka 2.3, out today, includes improvements throughout the system, as well as a number of bug fixes. This release includes improved accessibility, with better labels, skip navigation links, and the addition of ARIA roles and landmarks . We have also added the ability to use PHP’s GD extension for creating file derivatives when uploading. This […]

Let them make Posters!

We are pleased to announce the release of the Posters plugin, which allows guest users to add, edit, share, print, or delete their own collections of public content from your Omeka site. This is the much-anticipated update of the posters function of MyOmeka, a plugin from version 1.5. Posters requires the plugin GuestUser; together, these […]