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Monday, August 28th, 2017

Today marks the launch of a new look for, and many new benefits for users. Now is the time to sign up for an account to take advantage of our new pricing structure, enhanced functionality options, and additional storage.

We’ve reduced the prices for our most popular plans:

  • Plus Plan is now $35 a year
  • Silver Plan is now $75 a year

Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans now include a number of new plugins that include text and image annotation, and a way to provide editorial feedback on online exhibit drafts, and themes designed specifically to support image-centered work.

Finally, all plans now include twice as much storage as before. offers a range of plans to fill many web publishing needs. A tour through our Showcase offers examples of the ways that users are making the most of the platform. Explore the sites that have similar project goals, such as collecting user contributions, and discover which plan will let you develop your project with the features you need.

Once you’re ready to sign up for an account or to upgrade to a new plan, we have created an easy plan comparison page Sign Up to help you find the right solution for your web publishing needs. Choose from up to eight options of site features, such as “collect user submissions,” “Display data on maps,” or “Annotate text or images,” and click “Show me my plan” to find the best fit for your project.


The next step is to get started building your with, and we provide a set of Help Section easy-to-use instructions for planning, building, and launching a website.

Sign-up or upgrade today!

Who are our Omeka developers?

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

In the past few years, we have been delighted to see more and more developers of both themes and plugins contacting us on our developer list and on the forums. That has made us curious about who all of you are, and what can we do better to help you.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a short survey to get to know you better. It’ll take about ten minutes. We’re asking about where you are, what kinds of places you work for, and what kinds of Omeka development you do.

We’ll use this information to guide our documentation and outreach efforts. Personal information, of course, will not be exposed or sent to others.

We’d like to hear about any level of Omeka development, from building a plugin to hacking a couple lines of a theme. All those activities are important to us, and knowing about the people and projects that spur the activity will help tremendously. Please fill out and share the survey if you have written or hacked Omeka code, or fill it out below.

We will start compiling and analyzing the results on February 19, so responses before then are greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

Patrick Murray-John
Director of Omeka Developer Outreach

Omeka Update: 2.4

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

We are pleased to announce the release of Omeka 2.4. Although most of the changes are behind the scenes, they contribute to a smoother operation overall.

We have increased the required version of PHP, now at a minimum of 5.3.2. Be sure to check what version of PHP you are running before you upgrade to ensure that you have a supported version. On the opposite end of things, the latest version, PHP 7, is now supported.

Omeka now uses HTML 5 tags for embedding audio and video, which means that older file formats, such as older Quicktime files, won’t play on the page. If you do have files in those formats on your site, they will simply display as a link to the file, which visitors can then download and play on their local machines. One of the advantages of this change is ensuring playback capabilities across a broad range of current browsers and operating systems, as well as support going forward as browsers continue to improve their HTML 5 media support and remove support for legacy plugins.

There are updates to addons, too. Along with the usual bug fixes and translation updates for the bundled themes and plugins, the 2.4 release includes some new features for Exhibit Builder. Users can now select a specific image to serve as the thumbnail for an exhibit, and can also use a new file-only block layout to highlight and center images on a page.

For a complete list of changes including bug fixes, read the Release Notes.

Exhibit Builder 3.1.2 Released!

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

The Omeka team is pleased to announce the release of a new version of the Exhibit Builder plugin.

This release primarily responds to common feature request from users, the ability to choose whether to use square thumbnails or regular thumbnails in the “Gallery” block layout. Site builders can now choose between the two for each block on an Exhibit Page


The release also adds the ability to choose whether caption text for images appears centered, left-aligned, or right-aligned under the images.

There are also bugfixes for some spacing issues, and a fix to a bug in searching for exhibit pages (reported by user miniol in our forums — thanks!).

Two new languages, Bulgarian and Thai, are available for localization, and there are updates to Polish, Icelandic, Catalan, French and Serbian translations.

Thanks, and happy building!

New and Updated Plugins: Omeka Api Import, CSS Editor, and more!

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

New Plugins

The Omeka team is very happy to announce the release of two new plugins: Omeka API Import and CSS Editor.

Omeka Api Import allows you to import content from one Omeka site into another using Omeka’s API (the origin Omeka site must be at version 2.1 or higher to have the API). Items and files, collections, and more data can be duplicated from one site into another and updated periodically. This can be a handy solution for a simple migration to a new server, or for collecting several Omeka projects into one central Omeka site. Learn more in the documentation.

CSS Editor allows site builders who are familiar with Cascading Style Sheets to customize the display of their sites without needing to directly modify theme files. A simple configuration form lets you enter your new code to override what Omeka and the theme provide. Please read the documentation for details.

Updated Plugins

Thanks to the feedback from our users and contributors, we also have updates for three plugins with bugfixes and improvements.

Commenting now uses the same database indexing as other parts of Omeka, and allows reading gravatars over secure connections (thanks to Daniel Berthereau). It also includes better permissions handling for commenting (thanks to Daniel Lind).

Simple Pages has been updated to allow much longer pages, so you can write as much as you want (thanks to Rachel Donahue for the suggestion).

Geolocation includes a fix to make it interact better with Contribution, and there are display improvements in Simple Contact Form.

Many thanks to all of the users and developers in ever-growing Omeka community. Keep up the good work, and keep helping us improve Omeka!

New Contribution Plugin Available for 2.0

Friday, August 15th, 2014

By popular demand, the Omeka team is happy to release a new version of the Contribution plugin for Omeka 2!

The new version lets contributors create guest user accounts to better enable multiple contributions. We have also preserved elements from earlier versions of this plugin that allow administrators to configure the form, ask questions of contributors, and for users to contribute anonymously and request that their submissions be kept private.

The new Contribution plugin requires the Guest User plugin, which can also be configured in a variety of ways to foster a community around your collections. We have created detailed documentation to guide you through the process of creating a new collecting site and for upgrading from 1.x. When upgrading, please follow these directions carefully.

We hope that this new version will add to both community development around your site, and the collection of stories and experiences around significant events in our history.

Happy collecting!

Net’s OpenSSL Libraries Updated

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

Yesterday, the Omeka team took the necessary steps to ensure that user passwords on are protected against the Heartbleed bug. We updated our open SSL libraries with the newest security patch.

We recommend that all users update their passwords as soon as possible, particularly if passwords used for websites are the same as passwords used for online shopping, banking, or email sites.

New and updated plugins now available

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

The land of Omeka plugins has been very active lately, and we have several new and updated plugins for you: Exhibit Builder 3.0, Geolocation, Zotero Import, Redact Elements (new!), and Commenting.

Exhibit Builder 3.0

Omeka users know Exhibit Builder as the primary tool for creating narratives around the items in an Omeka installation. Exhibit Builder 3.0 has been in release candidate status for some time, and we’re now ready to release it officially.

Exhibit Builder 3.0 is redesigned to allow much more flexibility in the layouts you can create. Rather than choosing a layout for the entire page, Exhibit Builder 3.0 breaks the page into stacked blocks with different arrangements of images and text. This lets you recreate all of the old Exhibit Builder page layouts, but also adds flexibility to mix different arrangements on your exhibit pages.

Exhibit Builder Layouts

The new Exhibit Builder also makes it much easier for plugins to add their own layouts to the available options. the new release of Geolocation, for example, now lets you add a map to your exhibit pages. Developers will be able to easily enrich the possibilities for your exhibits, and we’d love to hear what you all build!

Read more about it in the Exhibit Builder 3.0 documentation, and developers can learn how to add layouts in the Exhibit Builder developer documentation.

The new version of Exhibit Builder is not yet packaged with Omeka core releases, so to give it a try you’ll need to download the new version and update it in your site.

Zotero Import

The much-requested Zotero Import plugin is now updated for Omeka 2.x. You can now pull items from your Zotero libraries into your Omeka 2.x installation.

Read more in the Zotero Import 2.0 documentation.




Redact Elements

This new plugin was born of a need to keep some content in Omeka items confidential. If you have a collection of emails, for example, you might want the full email, including email addresses, available to researchers, but not the general public. Similarly, you might want to hide URLs or IP addresses. Redact Elements lets you do so, and it lets you create new patterns for text that should be hidden. Read more about the options in the Redact Elements documentation.

Geolocation and Commenting

These two plugins have been updated with bugfixes, and Geolocation adds a layout for Exhibit Builder 3.0.

Several new and updated translations are also available for Exhibit Builder 3.0, Geolocation, and Commenting.


Omeka core and plugin updates are now available!

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

The Omeka team is very pleased to announce the release of Omeka 2.1.4. This maintenance release includes some style additions and corrections in the admin theme, as well as a fix to how records are sorted for newer versions of MySQL (thanks to Anurag Spatzenegger for reporting this).

Updated versions of the COinS and Exhibit Builder plugins are also bundled with this release, fixing an error in COinS for PHP 5.2. The updated Exhibit Builder plugin improves many parts of the styling, especially across interaction with many plugins, and expands the data returned by the API. (The Exhibit Builder update does not include the major new version now in release candidate status, so there is still time to help us with final testing!)

Read more details about the Omeka 2.1.4 in the release notes.

Updates to the Item Relations and CSVImport plugins are also now available. The update to Item Relations makes it compatible with Omeka 2.x. The update to CSVImport improves the import process by handling problematic data about collections better, and now provides much more information about problems in the import process to help in debugging.

Updated translations are included for Omeka, Exhibit Builder, and Item Relations. New translations for Omeka core are available for Welsh, Russion, and Traditional Chinese.

Many thanks, and happy building!

Please test the next generation Exhibit Builder!

Monday, December 16th, 2013

The Omeka team is preparing the next generation of the Exhibit Builder plugin, and we’d like to ask early adopters to help test a beta version.

Exhibit Builder 3.0 is redesigned to allow much more flexibility in the layouts you can create. Rather than choosing a layout for the entire page, Exhibit Builder 3.0 breaks the page into stacked blocks with different arrangements of images and text. This lets you recreate all of the old Exhibit Builder page layouts, but also adds flexibility to mix different arrangements on your exhibit pages.

Exhibit Builder layouts

The content blocks often include configuration options to further refine the display. For example, the “Gallery” block allows you to feature one item more prominently than others and change the placement of the gallery. More information about the new options is in the Exhibit Builder 3.0-beta draft documentation.

For plugin developers, Exhibit Builder 3.0 makes it easy to create new blocks and add them to options available. Read the developer documentation for a guide on how to create your own layouts. To demonstrate this, we are also releasing a beta version of Geolocation, which lets you add a map of items to your exhibit pages.

Both Exhibit Builder 3.0-beta and Geolocation 2.1-beta require Omeka 2.1 or higher.

Remember, this is a beta version, and so should not be used in production sites just yet. We are releasing it here to ask experimenters and early adopters to kick the tires, help us find remaining bugs, and provide feedback before it is officially released.  Feedback about the process of upgrading from existing exhibits, creating new ones from scratch, the overall user experience, and anything more that you notice is much appreciated and will help us make the final refinements before a final release. If you have a backup or development copy of your exhibits in a separate Omeka installation, we would especially appreciate feedback on the upgrade process and the resulting new layouts.


Download Exhibit Builder 3.0 beta.

Download Geolocation 2.1 beta.

Many thanks!