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Moving the Conversations Forward

Monday, June 6th, 2016

Today, Omeka’s support forum will move to a new platform with a new url ( Everyone will need a new account, so please go to the new forum and create one today.

The new forum platform should dramatically reduce spam, while also offering spaces to talk about new versions and extensions of Omeka. There are places in the new forum for discussion and support of many Omeka versions including: Omeka Classic (the downloadable version you’ve all come to know and love), Omeka S, and Omeka Everywhere. Support for will not change and remain here

We added a “getting started” section to point new users find resources they may need. We also created a separate category for the Designer-Developer Marketplace to post openings for Omeka development and design work.

We are preparing a re-direct so that any old links and bookmarks will point to the new Forum space.

Thank you to the vibrant Omeka community who has been participating on the forums since we launched in 2008. We hope you all will create a new account today and continue to share solutions by contributing to Omeka’s growing body of knowledge.

Help Us Make Omeka Better

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

We are well into our fourth year of the Omeka project and are very pleased that there is a strong community of users and developers working in Omeka.

Thank you to those who already help in a variety of ways:

  • helping fellow users on the forums and developers’ group;
  • tweaking existing Codex pages that you think need a little love;
  • chatting with fellow Omeka developers on the #omekaIRC channel;
  • sharing your finished Omeka projects in the Showcase wiki.

In our continued efforts to ensure that this open-source project belongs to and is cared for by the community and not solely by CHNM, we are seeking volunteers from the community to help improve the documentation by forming a new Documentation Working Group.

We convened such a group over a few phone calls in 2009, and as a result we reorganized the Codex and added many more pages and documented many more functions.

This time around, we want the group to identify areas that need attention in theming and plugin development and customization. Such work may include defining helper functions, identifying useful patterns for plugin and theme development, enhancing explanation of the theme API, adding use cases for customizing specific design elements, or contributing other pages and elements to improve the depth and coverage of the documentation. We want members of this group to be active and regular contributor/editors to the codex and to the community, even if this is your first step toward becoming an Omekan.

We plan to conduct most of the working group discussions on the forums in the Documentation Working Group category, and anyone may subscribe to the discussions. While we will appreciate suggestions, we may ask users with many suggestions to help in the process of documenting.

We all benefit from the community’s participation and the variety of ways that you help fellow Omekans. We hope that through this effort to improve the documentation, we can expand the community of participants.

Exhibit Building

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

It’s April, so it’s time to think about exhibits. You might ask why in April? Even though the official equinox is in March, April feels more Spring-like bringing with it metaphors of renewal, growth, and productivity. Perhaps we are getting too deep, but we are curious to know if you have built any exhibits since the release of Omeka 0.9.0.

To share your work, we created a special section in the forums called “Use Cases” where you may show off your exhibits and/or sites–finished or in-progress works. You can even comment on the exhibit development process or lessons you learned along the way.

We are tweaking the exhibit builder feature for future releases and are very interested in hearing about your experiences.

Please take a minute to post some of your projects or thoughts in the Use Cases section of the forum.

Happy Spring!

Forums are Buzzing

Monday, February 25th, 2008

It has been only three or four days since we released Omeka to the wild, and already we’re seeing some amazing interest. As of this posting, Omeka 0.9.0 has been downloaded more than 200 times, has been blogged by at least 50 authors, and for a brief time made the homepage “hotlist.” Most exciting to me, however, is the traffic to Omeka’s support forums, which shows that people are really using the software. Most of what we’re seeing are installation difficulties, especially where users are trying to install Omeka on third-party, commercial hosting services like Bluehost and Lunarpages.* The good news is that most of these problems can be worked out relatively easily, and I encourage anyone who is having trouble to take a look at the Getting Started and Troubleshooting forum threads and to post your questions there. Our crack team of developers will be happy to help out. Omeka is still in beta, and as an open source project, we hope everyone will feel comfortable joining the forums, becoming active in the community of users and developers, and just generally helping us make the software better.

* Note: if you don’t already have a hosting account and are thinking of signing up for one to try Omeka, we encourage you to consider Dreamhost, where Omeka has been most thoroughly tested and where we know it works seamlessly.

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