Moving the Conversations Forward

Today, Omeka’s support forum will move to a new platform with a new url ( Everyone will need a new account, so please go to the new forum and create one today.

The new forum platform should dramatically reduce spam, while also offering spaces to talk about new versions and extensions of Omeka. There are places in the new forum for discussion and support of many Omeka versions including: Omeka Classic (the downloadable version you’ve all come to know and love), Omeka S, and Omeka Everywhere. Support for will not change and remain here

We added a “getting started” section to point new users find resources they may need. We also created a separate category for the Designer-Developer Marketplace to post openings for Omeka development and design work.

We are preparing a re-direct so that any old links and bookmarks will point to the new Forum space.

Thank you to the vibrant Omeka community who has been participating on the forums since we launched in 2008. We hope you all will create a new account today and continue to share solutions by contributing to Omeka’s growing body of knowledge.

3 Responses to “Moving the Conversations Forward”

  1. Cathy Moran Hajo

    Do we need to post outstanding issues in the new forum or will they be migrated over?

  2. Megan Brett

    There are no plans at present to move over posts from the old forum. If you have an issue which is still open, go ahead and make a post on the new forums and let us know what’s worked and what hasn’t.

    Thank you for asking!

  3. Belen Hidalgo

    Thanks for your notice
    I was in the other forum before, and now I am very interested in participating in this new forum. Thank you, at soon we can show them our new portal in technology Omeka