Bugfix to Exhibit Builder

In response to a serious issue reported with Exhibit Builder for Omeka 2.0, we fixed the problem immediately and are releasing an updated version of Exhibit Builder. To avoid loss of data, we strongly recommend that you update your Exhibit Builder plugin. For anyone starting out, the new Exhibit Builder is packaged with Omeka 2.0.1.

This bug does not affect Exhibit Builder for Omeka version 1.5.3 or below.

The Omeka team apologizes for the inconvenience.

4 Responses to “Bugfix to Exhibit Builder”

  1. Paul Fernhout

    Can you please provide detailed instructions here on how to update the Exhibit builder plugin?

  2. Matti Lassila

    Was the fixed Exhibit Builder really packaged with 2.0.1? I got just a report that even a fresh install of Omeka 2.0.1 wiped away all exhibit pages when deleting a single exhibition. Seemingly the fix is included in 2.0.2 but from this post I got an impression that the fix was included also as a emergency fix to 2.0.1.

  3. Patrick Murray-John

    No, 2.0.1 went out before we found this issue. We posted the updated ExhibitBuilder plugin at the link above.

  4. Paul Fernhout

    It turns out, even though the “Exhibit Builder” plugin comes “built in”, there are no special directions for upgrading it beyond finding the way to upgrade any plugin. The upgrade procedure I followed seems to have worked without data loss.

    Below is what I typed in at the Linux shell command line to upgrade the Exhibit Builder plugin from a default 2.0 install on a Amazon EC2 Linux CentOS-like system. Other people may have to do something differently based on the name of their Apache user or local user, or the name of their site, or the location of their html files, or the availability of wget, or how sudo is configured.

    First, deactivate “Exhibit Builder” plugin via the plugin page for admins. Apparently, you can deactivate (but not uninstall) the plugin without data loss. Do not uninstall the plugin or you could lose data.

    Basically, you go to your plugins directory, move the existing directory containing the old plugin out of the way, unzip the new version of the plugin to that location, and change any permissions if needed. I’m not sure whether you actually have to changed the permissions with “chown”, but I did it anyway. You don’t have to do the ls command to list the directory contents. I just did that to confirm the change was in the right place. I omitted the output of the various other commands besides that of the ls in [brackets].

    From the command line, here is what I did step-by-step:

    $ cd /var/www/html/TheNameOfMyOmekaSite

    $ cd plugins

    $ ls
    [If you are in the right place, you should see something like:
    Coins ExhibitBuilder SimpleContactForm SimplePages]

    $ sudo wget http://omeka.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/Exhibit-Builder-2.0.2.zip

    $ sudo mv ExhibitBuilder/ ExhibitBuilder-brokenWithDataLossPotential

    $ sudo unzip Exhibit-Builder-2.0.2.zip

    $ sudo chown -R apache:ec2-user ExhibitBuilder

    Finally, reactivate the “Exhibit Builder” plugin via the admin page. It will say there is a new version. You have to click that button to upgrade. Then it will put you on the configuration page for the plugin. I clicked “save” there but I’m not sure that is required. I then spot-checked that an exhibit was working OK.

    The zip file is no longer needed at this point, nor is the “ExhibitBuilder-brokenWithDataLossPotential” directory. Be careful removing anything though.

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