Universal Viewer by Daniel Berthereau

Integrates the IIIF specifications, a simple IIP Image Server and the Universal Viewer in order to create carousels of virtual books from image files and to display any media file (pdf, audio, video, 3D...) in a unified player.

Universal Viewer is a plugin for Omeka that adds the IIIF specifications in order to serve images like an IIPImage server, and the UniversalViewer, a unified online player for any file. It can display books, images, maps, audio, movies, pdf, 3D views, and anything else as long as the appropriate extension is installed. Rotation, zoom, inside search, etc. may be managed too.

The full specification of the “International Image Interoperability Framework” standard is supported (level 2), so any other widget that supports it can use it.

The Universal Viewer was firstly developed by Digirati for the Wellcome Library of the British Library and the National Library of Wales, then open sourced (unlike the viewer of Gallica, the public digital library built by the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, which is sold to its partners).

See a demo on the Bibliothèque patrimoniale of Mines ParisTech, or you can set the url “https://patrimoine.mines-paristech.fr/collections/presentation/7/manifest” in the official example server, because this is fully interoperable.

License: CeCILL v2.1

Download v2.4.5

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Omeka Minimum Omeka Target Release Date 1, 2017 20, 2017 22, 2017 10, 2016 10, 2016 26, 2016 11, 2016 4, 2016 25, 2016