Tumbleka by Ned Henry

Autoposts items to Tumblr.

This plugin can automatically post newly published items to Tumblr. This allows other Tumblr users to see your new items in their content stream, and to “reblog” interesting items. Tumblr’s growing multimedia-savvy community can help gain exposure from different demographics to your cool collections.

The Tumbleka configuration menu

The Tumbleka configuration menu

The current version of Tumbleka posts an image, title, description, collection information, linkback, and set of tags for each new item. Future versions may embed video and audio into the Tumblr post. Your Tumblr account can be set up to automatically post this to Twitter and other social content sharing networks.

Authorizing this Omeka addon to post to your Tumblr account is smooth and easy. The plugin’s configuration page redirects you to a Tumblr page which allows you to log in and authorize the application with one click. This application does not gather, display, save or disseminate any data from your Tumblr account.

Check out the code and request support or documentation on GitHub.

License: MIT

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Omeka Minimum Omeka Target Release Date 8, 2014