Element Types by Julian Maurice

Allow elements to have a type, thus allowing easier input. For instance, this plugin implements the 'date' type and show a datepicker widget for elements of this type. Other types can be implemented by plugins.

Quick start

  • Install ElementTypes plugin
  • A new link ‘Element Types’ appears on navigation menu, click on it.
  • Say you want to assign the type ‘date’ to the ‘Date’ element, click on “Modify” on the corresponding row, select “Date”, then Save.
  • Optionally, you can configure the ‘date’ type for this particular element by clicking on ‘Configure’ link (for now you can only configure the date format)
  • Edit or create an item, and see you now have a datepicker for the Date element.

License: GPLv3

Download v0.4

All Versions

Omeka Minimum Omeka Target Release Date 11, 2015 8, 2015