CSV Export by University of Toronto Libraries

Adds CSV as an item export format. Can optionally work with annotations from IIIF Toolkit with Mirador.

The CSV Export plugin adds a csv output format to items in Omeka Classic 2.3+ and collections in Omeka Classic 2.5+. Using this plugin with the CSV Import plugin, you can easily transfer content between Omeka installations and optionally make batch adjustments using your preferred Spreadsheet program.

Integration with CSV Import

The CSV Export plugin exports CSV files that match the report format accepted by the CSV Import plugin. Simply check “Use an export form Omeka CSV Report” while importing. No additional configuration is needed.

csvexport_csvimport_1 csvexport_csvimport_2

Interoperability with IIIF Toolkit

When the IIIF Toolkit plugin is installed and you export an item containing annotations, the annotations are exported alongside the exported item. This allows you to easily transfer Omeka-curated IIIF content.


License: Apache License 2.0

Download v1.0.1

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Omeka Minimum Omeka Target Release Date 28, 2017 25, 2017