This roadmap serves as a guide for explaining the broad direction of Omeka’s future development. We will adjust these milestones occasionally, because of user needs or other priorities that cause us to shift the development calendar. You can follow along with our work on Github.

Omeka S (Multisite): Spring 2015

October –December 2014:

  • Design and develop the theming engine and module assignment system for Sites
  • Design and development of import script:
    • Metadata and byte streams from common repository platforms (Fedora, D-Space, DuraCloud, CollectionSpace)
    • Zotero Importer Module

January – March 2015:

  • User testing of pre-release version of Omeka S with our institutional partners
  • Revision of pre-release version of Omeka S
  • Summative code review by Julie Meloni
  • Creation of end-user documentation
  • Public release



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